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Discover WEF 2017
with the hotel Balladins
Angers Parc Expo

Hôtel Balladins Angers / Parc des Expositions

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WEF 2017 in Angers
from 25 to 27 october 2017
a few minutes away from the hotel
Balladins Angers Parc Expo

World Electronics Forum (WEF)

Founded in 1995, the World Electronics Forum (WEF) is a voluntary gathering of CEOs and Directors of electronics industry associations worldwide.

From 25 to 27 october 2017, Angers will be the world capital of electronics with the hosting of the World Electronics Forum (WEF)

For the first WEF edition in Europe, the city of Angers was chosen.

The city has been able to showcase its strengths against the other contenders: nearly 900 companies linked to the electronics market, 7,000 related jobs, Angers French Tech program, Cité de l'Objet Connecté, Higher education and researchers...

The organization of this event offers heartening perspectives for the whole ecosystem from Anjou (industry, research, higher education, start-up) and underlines the quality of the organization of the territory for the development of the industrial electronics and the connected objects.

On the occasion of the WEF on 2017, the city of Angers already announces that in October, a whole week will be dedicated to electronics and connected objects: technical conferences, visits of companies, exhibitions.

A theme on which, for several years, the actors of Angers and its region mobilize collectively to increase their efficiency and visibility, through actions such as We Network (West Electronic Network), Angers French Tech, the Cité de l'Objet Connecté and the Colloque des Objets Connectés.
So this is the good time to book your room at balladins angers parc-expo.

Thus this year, the city of Angers and the hotel balladin Angers parc-expo welcomes you for two international events in connection with the electronics, with from 04 till 08 September 2017 the organization of EMC Europe 2017 (International Symposium and Exhibition one Electromagnetic Compatibility)

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